Wowsers was that only a week?

When news of the two, four day weekends hit my calendar earlier this year, with great speed I swiftly booked off the middle three days as holiday at work.
It feels like I have been off for about 3 weeks. I guess it has been an eventful 11 days.
I managed to have some girly time with some good friends which involved Good Friday drinking, jeagar bombs at 4pm, bucks fizz breakfast for the royal wedding and fascinator action at 10am!

A baby was born! One of my good friends had her second baby. A boy who is absolutely gorgeous and was born on St George’s day. We are still waiting for the second April baby to be born. But, baby Elliot is far too comfy to the frustration of my other friend who is expecting.

We started the ball rolling in our journey to start a family. Please see previous post!

Mr Bouche and I spent a day on the garden. We’ve never had a garden together so it was quite exciting choosing plants for the front and back garden and Mr Bouche mowed as I planted. Sad as it might sound but I loved it and I smile every time I go out there.

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with family. Little J had a fantastic time after what was a tense car journey. Mr Bouche enjoyed himself on the sit on lawn mower whilst our nephew tried his hand at making cocktails!

Easter Monday evening was spent feeding Daddy Bouche, mint Aero Easter egg. He may not be able to manage most unpureed food but he can devour chocolate no probs!

My holiday ended with a visit to my aunt and uncle’s. I am very close to my uncle and he gave me away with Daddy Bouche. However, when we visit we usually don’t take little J. He has always had a fear of dogs. Over time it has got better but taking him to visit my aunt and uncle plus their 6 dogs was always too daunting. After a shaky start little J had a great time with the dogs and even wanted to take one of the French bulldogs home! This was a great milestone for little J. I was super proud of him!

Overall it was a fabulous week with a fabulous end!

Bouche x x x







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