The first steps

So it’s the tuesday after Easter and I am sitting in the doctors surgery waiting room. The usual suspects are all here, the elderly couple on a morning trip out, the elderly ladies having a natter about their weekends with their families, the mum with her toddler and the expectant mum.
I see the bump and I am envious,you see i am ready to be a mum. It’s not the right time for us for a couple of reasons but I am still jealous. I am 32 this year and I am worried time is running out. You may think 32 is no age to be worrying about time but I am. You see my dad has huntington’s disease and it is an hereditary disease. I have not been tested and don’t intend to at the moment but I want to make sure that any babies will not inherit the Huntington’s gene.
So here I am to discuss what the options are. Whether we have IVF,have genetic screening or whether it is better not to have any children at all. I’m scared.
Why am I here if we don’t want a baby right now you ask? Well, there could be a very long waiting list for IVF and we should probably join this list, if we can. I an also taking for granted that we can have a baby. You never know what fate has in store for you. I am hoping that we will get referred to the genealogist and we can discuss the options further. This is the start of what I believe will be a long journey but hopefully a successful and rewarding one.
Bouche x x x

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