Tunage tuesday # 5

Last Friday, Faithless performed their last gig. They played the Brixton academy now known as the O2 academy. It was a sad day for dance music.
I was lucky to see Faithless twice. Once in April 2002 at Brixton and again at Homelands in 2004. Both gigs were incredible and I feel privileged to have seen them play.
To mark the occasion I have decided that it would be only right to have them as my tunage of the week, and the song you ask? God is a DJ.
God is a DJ was released in 1998. This was the year I started work. I remember going to a club after work drinks and hearing this for the first time. The music just took me and I danced like I never had before! It was the first trance song I ever liked and remains in my top 5 trance songs of all time.
It is a tragedy that Faithless never won any Brit awards and I am sad that I will never see them live again 😦

So farewell Sister Bliss, Maxi Jazz and Rollo.

Bouche x x x


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