The perfect Sunday

Every weekend has the same format. Saturday’s are spent doing the household chores, food shopping and getting all the things done you can’t when you are at work. Then at 5 o clock or there abouts we get little J. Saturday nights we all sit round the table for a curry or fajitas and settle in for a film or a Saturday night talent fest such as Britain’s got talent.
Sunday mornings are always a little bit of a battle. Little J is playstation mad. Every Sunday morning we always seem to make a compromise about how much time is spent on the playstation. This is often a little easier if we are planning a day trip or visiting friends or relatives. Just getting him dressed and prising the controller from his hands can be a little bit of a battle.
This weekend was different.
A good friend came over Saturday evening with her two children. We all played the wii and had pizza and our home was filled with lots of laughter. I love seeing little J having so much fun with other children. His aspergers can make it difficult for him to make friends easily, so it fills my heart with glee when he does. So off he went to bed with a big smile on his face.
So Sunday morning we all got up and waved my friend and her little ones off before settling into the day. The sun was shining and so we decided to go off for a morning walk. It was great not having a battle to get out and Little J was chatty and bubbling with enthusiasm. After our walk the boys decided to go off down the river to see what boats they could see.
I started on the mammoth task that is our garden. I remember thinking whilst planting my bulbs that it was a perfect day.
After some more gardening and the bits had had more quality time together we settled down in the sofa for a film. Little J doesn’t always sit through a whole film but he sat through nearly three hours of Forrest Gump.
With us all snuggled on the sofa I thought what a perfect day we were having and how blessed we are.
Bouche x x x


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