Guilty pleasures #2

Nova on cherished by me has asked fellow bloggers to confess to their guilty pleasures. This is my second entry!

I do like a pamper. Before we decided to get married I would regularly have nail extensions, a spray tan and a pedicure. Once the saving for a wedding started the fortnightly trips to the beauticians ceased in favour of centrepieces, table plans etc. I gave up the acrylic and did my own feet and tan.
A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed to get my feet summer ready as my trotters looked hideous in my sandals! So, when a half price voucher came through the door I stepped into action and booked myself in for a pedicure at the local salon.
Saturday I turned up at the salon and settled into the huge chair for my luxurious treat. After massaging and soaking for an hour I walked out the salon with a spring in my step.
What do you think?


What guilty pleasure have you had this week?

Bouche x x x


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