Little pickers wear bigger knickers

I knew it would happen eventually! I have fallen off the weight loss wagon and after two missed weigh in’s I have managed to put 2 pounds back on! Size 12 is looking a little further away but i’ve got my weight watchers head back on!
I hear others at the scales ready with their excuses but what’s the point being in denial? They are only lying to themselves. I know exactly why I have put those pounds on (I am actually surprised it wasn’t more!)

• The new fox’s chocolate and honeycomb biscuits which can only be eaten as a group of four!
• The several boozy nights out where I have used my daily points and weekly points allowance on alcohol!
• The cheesy chips I had in the pub last Saturday with Mr Bouche.
• The fish and chips at work last Friday that I had to line my stomach before another boozy night out (see point two)
• My inability to say no when offered dessert. Case in point, mother’s day and delicious vanilla cheesecake. I did have no point strawberries though!
• White chocolate magnums. Enough said
• Sunshine = Magners cider = Daily points allowance
• Blueberry muffins which appear in my kitchen courtesy of Mr Bouche! Cheers love!

I know you will be surprised to hear there are more on this list but out of sheer embarrassment I can’t list anymore!
So this week I will mainly eating dust and maybe some fruit. I need to move out of the obscenely large pants and decrease the size of my arse so I can get some lovely slinky small ones or maybe none at all!
Bouche x x x


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