A week in smiles

It has been a manic week but amidst the chaos has been moments of delight which have brought a smile to my face! Here are those moments…
• Finally finding the cushions to go on our bed. They are luxurious and decadent and when they arrived I was very excited!
• walking into our close from the station one night and seeing the children drawing hopscotch with chalk and seeing a drawing of boobies! Bless them.
• Having a mini splurge at the Mac counter in House of Fraser and using my new products.
• Being asked to contribute to a new magazine which I am truly honoured and excited to do.
• Talking to little J about a funeral that Mr Bouche had been to and explaining that they had a collection for help the hero’s. Then his response which was that he wanted a collection at his funeral but not for the autistic society but for comic relief because people with aspergers are not dying they are just moody!
• Spending time with my in law’s and nieces and nephews on mothers day and laughing out loud at dinner time bickering!
• Booking myself in for a pedicure to get my wheels ready for some sandal action!
• Having a well deserved night out with the girls and providing the entertainment when I fell over whilst doing the running man!
• Spending time with a good friend whilst she started her own dating blog and laughing at our post Chinese bottom tunage.
• Laughing so much at work that I snorted and I am now known as Mr Darcy (the pig from the only way is essex)

Hopefully, this coming week will be as smile filled!
Bouche x x x


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