Tunage Tuesday # 4

Woo hoo! I am actually on time this week!
This week’s tunage is an oldie but a goody!
I love the 80’s. Especially the late 80’s and the funky soul era. One of my favourite bands from this time is an R&B band by the name of The Mac Band. Unfortunately, they didn’t have great success in the UK but they did produce one of the finest R&B songs if that era.
Roses are red was released in 1988 and reached number 6 in the UK charts. It is a funky love song which has great memories for me and my husband. It can often be heard late night on Heart radio and many a night after a date we would listen to heart in the back of a taxi and Roses are red could be heard.
The Mac band was a band made of four brothers from Michigan and their first album featured the legendary Babyface and the huge Atlantic Starr.
I guess you could say they were a one hit wonder in the UK as their follow up single only just managed number 40 in the UK charts.
It’s such a shame they didn’t have much success as I do think they could have been huge. I think maybe they were behind the times. Their sound is a little dated when you hear it against big hits in the UK in 1988, like the only way is up by Yazz and The theme from S Express by S Express.
In any case it is still great hit and makes my top ten every time.

Bouche x x x

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