Guilty pleasures

Nova on cherished by me has asked fellow bloggers to confess to their guilty pleasures.

I am a bit of a make up fiend. I have so much make up I could open my own counter! Years ago when I had money to burn, my make up case was full to the brim with benefit, Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier and Chanel make up. I wouldn’t think twice about spending over £100 a month on the latest lip plumping, pore perfecting and highlighting products.
Over time the purse strings tugged and my expendable income has been spent on home furnishings and saving for weddings and Christmas.
My makeup bag has the staples that I couldn’t give up like my Mac foundation and my Nars bronzer. However,the remainder of my kit has been made up of Revlon and Barbara Daly for Tesco.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge spending my pennies on beautiful linen and gorgeous candles but occasionally I do have a splurge.
Last Friday was one of those days! It was pay day and during my lunchtime walk I found myself in House of Fraser in the city of London. Some time later I walked out with a Mac concealer and a Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil.
I can’t deny I had a feeling of guilt that I should have spent that money on bedding plants and the orange trees for our decking area but there was also a feeling of delight looking at my purchases when I returned to my desk!

So come on do you have a guilty pleasure to confess?
Bouche x x x


One response

  1. Tried to comment last night on my phone but couldn’t for some reason. I love buying new make-up…something so decadent about it isn’t there.
    Hope you don’t mind but I added your post to my linky. X

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