Mothering Sunday

I am not big on mother’s day. My mum and I don’t get on. If it wasn’t for my younger siblings I don’t think we would even speak!
I don’t have many memories of my mum being like other Mum’s as a child as my Dad did a lot for me. My mum rarely praised me, cuddled me, watched me playing hockey or netball and when I needed her support the most she was too busy.
I was and still am a Daddy’s girl. However, when he got sick, I relied on the support of other’s to get me through the darkest days. My mum never supported any of us and subsequently my parents divorced four years after his diagnosis.
Mother’s day always comes and out of duty I buy her a card. It is never something I plan for and it is usually a last minute rush for a card. I feel sad saying this as I love buying gifts for friends and relatives usually. At least I make the effort, she hasn’t bothered with my birthday for a number of years!
My mother’s day preparations are now focused on my mother in law, who is brilliant. She has been my rock over the past few years and always listens to my rants and provides advise and support when needed.
I am lucky, people moan about their mother in law’s but mine is lovely! Thus, she will receive the nice card and flowers that maybe my mum should too.
I feel sad that I am not thankful on this day. I wish my mum was more caring or even took an interest in my life so I could reward and cherish her.
Unfortunately, after much patience on my part she hasn’t tried to be a better person.
There is something I have learnt from all of this though and that is the type of mum that I want to be (the opposite of my mum). I want to be supportive, understanding, affectionate and loving and the kind of mummy who deserves cards, flowers, chocolates and breakfast in bed.
Happy mother’s day to all you lovely mummy’s out there.
Bouche x x x


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