Tunage Tuesday plus 3!

Firstly, I apologise for this being a Friday and not a Tuesday!
This week’s tunage are two tunes which are decades apart but due to some sampling and remixing have managed to become almost as one!
Last year a song appeared on my radar by Duck Sauce. I love Armand Van Helden and Duck Sauce is a collaboration between Armand and A-Trak. They had a great success with a song called Anyway. So I was excited to hear Barbara Streisand.
Well, I bloody love it! I am not bored of it and is now my ringtone yet again despite it being released last year.
I instantly recognised the sampled track but couldn’t put my finger on it. You could say I am a bit of a disco dolly and after trawling through my disco albums, I found the little gem!
Gotta go home by Boney M, was a double A side released in 1979 (the year I was born!) It was the last of their hits to reach number 1 in their native Germany but only reached number 12 in the UK.
I grew up on disco music. My mum was a fanatical collector of 7 inch singles when they were released and she had every Boney M single and Album. The second word I ever said was brown after excessive listening of brown girl in the ring as a tot!
What I love about Barbara Streisand, is that a song from 32 years ago can be sampled and be successful in today’s music industry. After listening to gotta go home the last few days, I am loving the fact it still sounds current and Boney M can be enjoyed by a new audience on dance floors everywhere!

Duck Sauce

Boney M

Loving the steel drums! Right Bouche is off for a boogie!


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