I have been tagged by the gorgeous Nova at in the three by nine meme. Thanks Nova x

I have been asked to answer the following questions and then tag others to do the same:

  • Three names I go by: Jo, Jiffy and Bouche


  • Three Places I have lived: Broadstairs, Bexleyheath and Greenhithe


  • Three places I have worked: Stakis Dartford Bridge Hotel (now Hilton), Kings College School, Wimbledon and JP Morgan Chase.


  • Three things I love to watch: Sex and the City, My step son and Husband cuddling and the sun setting at Mambo’s in Ibiza


  • Three places I have been and love: Ibiza, New York and Praia Rocha, Portugal


  • Three people who email me regularly: Rachel, Lucy and Ange (My gorgeous friends)


  • Three things I love to eat: Chinese food, Thai food and Olives


  • Three people who I think will respond: Doris, Nikki and Wendy


  • Three things I am looking forward to: Our holiday to Portugal in September, My girlie weekend to Butlins in November and maybe adding to my beautiful family one day.


I am tagging the following people to see if they fancy having a go too. However, please feel free to have a go too reader and comment below!

Bouche x x x


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