Tuesday Tunage #2

It’s that time again people! Tunage Tuesday!
This weeks selection is inspired by comic relief and the desert trek.

The first of the tunes is Rewind by The Artful Dodger featuring Craig David. This song has great memories for me and when it was released in 1999 I was out almost every weekend cutting shapes to the latest garage sounds. This was a massive tune back then and it was almost unheard of, to have a number 2 chart hit with a garage tune. It graced most garage compilations and was almost always played in my house whilst getting ready for a night out on the town.
Rewind, is a soulful garage anthem which makes me bob my head (even on the train) and occasionally a mixing hand to demonstrate my rewind!
Bo selecta! Thanks Craig for rewind. Even 12 years on it is still a cracking tune. I would also like to thank you for sharing your guns during Comic Relief’s desert trek!

My second tune of the week is Please don’t let me go by Olly Murs.
Please don’t let me go is an upbeat soulful tune with a reggae undertone. I love it! It really cheers me up when I hear it and listening to it on the move makes me walk with a bounce!
Some were really critical of this song but I think it’s really refreshing and brave of Olly to make music that might not be run of the mill.
Olly is such a character and I really hope he does well. He doesn’t come across as the usual reality show star who gets a little too big for their boots far too quickly. He seems like a well grounded and lovely young man who you could take home to meet your nanna!
Olly also looked amazing in those tight shorts on the comic relief desert trek.
Olly please don’t change. You have a music style which is unique and your pretty cute too!

Bouche x x x

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