Playing it dumb

I wouldn’t say I was intellectual. However, I am starting to think I come across a little air head like!
I was fortunate enough to have inherited some of my grandmother’s intelligence. I passed my 11 plus (the highest grade for a girl in my school in fact) and I went to a very good girls grammar school. I have 8 A*- C GCSE’s and two A Levels.
I didn’t do amazingly well at school (mainly due to my Dad’s illness affecting my concentration) but I still believed that I was worthy of my grammar school place.
I also applied to go to university and secured a place to do economics and european studies. However, I decided to defer for a year and went to work in the city for an investment house. I guess the rest is history as I never took up my place.
I have always had an interest in history and I am interested in current affairs and science.
That said, I think I have played the dumb card too often. I guess being in a male dominated industry it is easy to escape a bollocking with a vacant look and some eye fluttering (I am shuddering as I type this!)
In the last couple of weeks, I have managed to surprise three friends with my knowledge!
A good friend and I ended up at the portrait gallery in London, a couple of weeks ago after a cinema disaster. It was a random visit and one that I enjoyed. As we were walking around looking at portraits of past kings and queens, my good friend gave me a look of surprise. She explained that she knew I had a good job but she never knew I liked history and was so knowledgeable. I was surprised as I never thought I’d played it dumb with friends.
However, I have clearly been playing down any sign of intelligence when my own husband was surprised that I knew the story of the king’s speech and the reorganisation of the monarchy after the integration of Wallace Simpson!
This weekend Mr Bouche and I went to visit another good friend. Her reaction to my explanation of the ‘supermoon’ and how some believe this maybe the cause of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan actually took form of a gasp and a ‘How the bloody hell do you know that’!
I haven’t taken offence. It’s my own doing! Clearly evening’s out with friends should have been spent necking less vodka and talking current affairs etc!
Therefore, I am making a concious effort to talk less gibberish, stop playing dumb and spending more time looking smart rather than vacant!

A well read Bouche x
Pah whatever!

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  1. I have to Mr L is completely shocked when I actually know something. I am not dumb but I don’t have the time to take everything in, I am always running around here there and everywhere. However if I am interested I probably know more information than is needed to know as I go a little overboard. xx

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