A lust for a list

I am a bad blogger. I have managed to get one post out in the past two weeks. Brace yourselves… here come the excuses!‬‪
I love a list and I pride myself on being organised so my life revolves around a list of some kind!
After Christmas and new year I became a tardy arse and my list began to grow. I was bought a gorgeous Orla keily notebook for my legendary lists for Christmas and boy has it seen some action.‬‪ My first list of 2011 started out with getting thank you cards for little J to write out for the Christmas presents he received, followed by sorting out my pension and writing a will.‬‪
I did manage to get the thank you cards out, but by the beginning of February the list was two pages long and included booking afternoon tea for the day of the Take That concert ands getting my sparkly glasses fixed. I would like to add that these tasks have also not been completed!‬‪
So I am blaming my previous blogging for not completing the tasks on the list. Now we have reached March the OCD has kicked in and the list is being completed to the detriment of the blog!‬‪
Everyday I am defacing my notebook and crossing out the tasks that I have completed and I am almost there! Although I still haven’t sorted the pension!
So what have I done with my time?‬‪‬‪
The front room now looks pretty snazzy after Mr Bouche decorated and I did my Linda Barker bit with some soft furnishings.‬‪
Little J’s birthday came and went. It didn’t exactly go to plan but he enjoyed it and is now the proud owner of an electronic drum kit (I am now questioning the sanity of my husband and I!)‬
I had the second lot of root canal treatment last week which only took a mere 3 hours! Only another 2 hours left to go! I am literally wetting my pants with excitement for that in 3 weeks!‬‪
I have been catching up with friends which has included helping a friend move and a random visit to the national portrait gallery.
I have also been busy compiling a list for jobs to do in march and april. I want to create a beautiful garden for us to enjoy in the summer and I will be getting Mr Bouche up a ladder to decorate our boudoir.
Right enough of the excuses! I know have a focus and a new list for the blog. I apologise to myself for the blog neglect of the past fortnight and Bouche in the City is top of the list.
Bouche x

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