My Ipod and I fell out of touch a while back. After downloading all of the music for our wedding, I think I was sick of the sight of itunes!
I love a vast selection of music from vocal uplifting house right through to classical. If I lost my ipod, god knows who the finder would think the ipod belonged to!
Music has been so important to me and certain songs have been mile posts on my life journey.

The first record I ever bought was happy birthday by altered images. I think I was about 3! I used to make my Dad play it over and over again!

The first album I bought was Push by bros. I was too young to be a brosette but I had the ripped jeans and Matt Goss was my first crush. This was closely followed by silk and steel by Five Starr. I had a perm at 9, yes 9 so I could look more like Denise!

The first boy band I really idolised was New Kids on the Block. I think I was 11 when my Dad took me to see them. I loved Donnie Wahlburg (I love a bad boy!) and Joe’s voice was cracking!

Throughout my teens my music education really started. I loved Take That but more so the Robster. Anyone who knows me knows he is a close second to my husband! Roll on June when I’ll be screaming my heart out to him, sorry, take that! My favourite song is and always will be Everything Changes (The Robster took lead!)
I soon developed my music taste and got into indie music. I was no grunger but I could appreciate nirvana and offspring.
Towards my later teens I got into drum and bass and garage. I also dabbled with some motown and my love affair with Stevie Wonder began. I often frequented Garage clubs with my bestest friends wearing very little and shaking our booties to DJ Luck and MC Neat and their counterparts. Ahh what fond memories.

In my 20’s I progressed onto vocal and tribal house music, admiring some of incredible dj’s. I found my second home in Ibiza. My husband and I’s first holiday was to the hedonistic isle. We heard our song on the second night which is Clocks by Coldplay but a white label remix played by Fatboy Slim.
Trips to ibiza cemented my love of house music and the more heady creations from such artists as chicane, Groove Armada, William Orbit and Faithless.
As I have grown older my appreciation of soulful music has grown. Such artists as Etta James, womack and womack, UB40, Paul Weller, Eva Cassidy and Earth, Wind and Fire. Many of their music is way before my time but timeless.
When we got married last summer, the music we chose was really important. The music was so diverse but music can create great memories and we wanted people to remember the music as part of day. The bridesmaids walked in to the dance of the sugar plum fairy. I walked in to Songbird by Eva Cassidy. At last by Etta James was played when we signed the register and we walked out to Greatest Day by Take That and You’ve got the love by Florence and the machine.
I can’t hear these songs now without getting a tear in my eye remembering the memories of that day.
Bouche x

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  1. How terrific to learn that Eva’s music was used at a wedding. So many new articles of her mention the music being used at a funeral. For my money – your choice was much the better use!!! Also interesting to read about your changing musical taste. BTW – there is a new recording out for Eva. Check out the last song on the release – the first verse from “I Know You By Heart” – sung a capella… -Scott link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mGmZGnrnSA

    • Songbird is such a perfect song for a wedding and summed up my feelings for my husband. I blame the song for the masses of tears I had walking down the aisle! It’s so tragic that she only really became a star after her death. Thank you for your apprieciation. Music is so important to me and felt right to blog about it. I am sure there wil be further musical posts!

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