This girl just wants to have fun!

It has been a while since I last had a big girly night out. Where I spent ages getting ready, picking the right outfit and tarting myself up for a night with just the girls.
I have several circles of friends who are at different stages of their lives and what with commitments, pregnancy and christmas etc the last time I had a good boogie and a girly drink up was probably my hen do back in August.
I’ve suddenly had this yearning for vodka cocktails and a dance round the handbag to some good music. I have some 80’s groove music in mind for the boogie!
My hen night was a great night (from what I remember!) We all adorned our finest 80’s wear and after some babychams at a friends home we headed out to reflex (an 80’s club) in London.
The several circles of friends entwined and a good night was had by all. It was a great single life send off and my head was a little sore the day after! (You can see why from the picture below)
So with this in mind, friends can expect some messages offering a girly knees up arranged by the bouche in the coming months. I have missed the laughter and fun that you can only have as girls together and reliving the memories of the night out days later when one might say ‘do you remember when so and so did xyz’
Be warned my chums I am coming to get you and your dancing shoes too!

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2 responses

  1. Your hen do was a great night we all had a great giggle even better as we all made idiots of our selves by dressing up, now thats friendship for you xxx

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