The Tooth Fairygodmother

As a child I was blessed with lovely teeth. Whilst other children in my class had braces and fillings, I was bless with lovely straight teeth. I was meticulous about brushing and flossing and never missed a dental appointment.
When I got to 17, I started to experience some pressure and the dentist decided there was no room for the wisdom teeth that were coming through. I had my bottom wisdom teeth out and all was well except from the bruising afterwards.
The same cannot be said for when I had the top wisdom teeth extracted! I woke from my sedation half way through with the dentist tugging in my mouth and the pain was excruciating! That is when the fear kicked in.
Over a period of 5 years, I went to the dentist 3 times. The last time was in 2003. I had a filling and the dentist caused me lots of pain and in the end the filling fell out two weeks later.
So 7 years later I have not been back. My dentist closed down and I never found another. That was until monday.
I broke a tooth last year and I have ignored it pretty much ever since. I just couldn’t face being back in the dentist chair.
However, the tooth could no longer be ignored when on saturday I experienced the worst pain ever whilst eating dinner. I was in such a state that my husband did a late night dash to the pharmacy for strong painkillers!
So on monday, I scoured the nhs website to find myself a dentist and get the tooth and pain sorted.
It was not good news. The tooth was badly decayed and the root was now infected. The decay had reached the bottom of the root and now the remaining nerves were exposed. Despite attempts by the dentist to remove the tooth, I now have to have a full extraction under sedation.
When I met my new dentist I told her I was nervous and why. She said that I needed to trust her and that at anytime if I raised my hand she would stop. She put me at ease straight away and I am now booked in to have all the work I need.
Although I am still in pain, I am now relieved that I can get my once perfect teeth sorted out and that I found the one to do it… My tooth fairy godmother!

A painful bouche x

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Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.


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