Bouche’s Bafta nominations

Seen as it is Bafta weekend, I thought I would blog about my favourite films of all time!

Number 10 – Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts is wonderfully funny in this classic. Vivien is the most likeable prostitute and so endearing! My favourite scene is when she is at the polo with Edward (Gere) and she cheers with a woop woop woop! It is such a lovely rags to riches tale and Gere is absolutely gorgeous in it. If I am having a girly night in, pretty woman is the first choice of film and never fails to disappoint!

Number 9 – Crash

The newest of all the films in my top ten, made in 2004. It is several different stories of prejudice. Although some scenes are hard to watch, it is a gripping film which really hits a note with most people. The individual stories collide and it is impossible not to be engrossed. It is a true masterpiece in my eyes and wholly deserves the Oscar for best picture in 2006. Thandie Newton and Don Cheadle are amazing in Crash and it is an incredible screenplay. It really makes you think about stereotypes and racism and how the human race can be very small-minded and blinkered. A truly great film which moves me every time I watch.

Number 8  – Kevin and Perry Go Large

This film is my husband’s favourite film! When he has had a bad day, Kevin and Perry go large will bring his mood right back! I hadn’t seen this until i started dating my husband, for the second time in 2003 (another story!). I had been to Ibiza four times before A and I got together for the second time in September 2003. Our first holiday was in Ibiza and he took me to some hidden gems on the island, that most holiday makers haven’t seen. It was an amazing holiday and Kevin and Perry revisits some of those fantastic places. The most fantastic of all, is Benirras. This is the beach where Kevin does a floater in the sea! It makes us reminisce and laugh every time. It is just a feel good film, which is cringy in places but makes us remember our first holiday together and the fun we had! This film did not win any awards apart from the Nash’s seal of approval!

Number 7 – BIG

BIG is one of those 80’s films which reminds me of being small, having my Daddy well and sitting on the sofa with my younger brother on a sunday. I remember wanting to grow up and to have an apartment like Josh Baskin, with a pin ball machine, trampoline and coca cola vending machine. On my first trip to New York, going to FAO Schwarz (the toy shop in BIG) was on my list of places to visit, just so I could play the floor piano! As an adult, BIG is the kind of film that makes you want to be a child again. I love it and will be subjecting little J and any future children to BIG!

Number 6 – As good as it gets

I love Jack Nicholson! I can see how women have thrown themselves at him over the years. Even at 73 he is still charming and he has a certain something that makes him a very attractive older man! As good as it gets, is a wonderful story of a man with OCD who finds love and an unlikely friendship. It is illustrates, that with patience and understanding people with the greatest of challenges can be good people. It always makes me feel good and Jack is amazing and believable as Melvin Udall.

Number 5  – Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump took a few views for me to love it. I guess I had seen it twice,  before it could make this list. I had seen it when it first came out on video in 1995 and I guess I wasn’t blown away but then I was only 16 and nothing really impressed me much in those days! However, the day my Nanny died (February 2007) I was inconsolable. I had been given the news on my way home from work and I was still crying well into the night. I got up and poured myself a glass of wine and settled on the sofa. Forrest Gump was just starting. It is a long film, but ten minutes in, my crying had stopped. I was mesmerised. My pain temporarily ceased and Tom Hanks as Forrest had my undivided attention. Despite being below average intelligence, Forrest embraces life and it’s challenges and achieves many successes. It is so inspiration and moving. Forrest never lets anything phase him and takes life by the balls. Even  after losing his best friend Bubba, his momma and then Jenny, he never lets life beat him. It is, in parts a very sad film, but on the whole is an inspirational tale of strength against adversity. The closing scenes of Forrest waiting for little Forrest coming home are beautiful. That night in 2007 on the closing credits, it made me realise that inner strength will get you through the toughest of times.

Number 4 – Beaches

Beaches is one of those truly beautiful love stories, which doesn’t involve romance. Bette Midler is so beautiful in this film and made me love my curly hair as an early teen. It is without doubt heartbreaking to watch but it also makes you feel warm inside and treasure those who mean so much to you. Your best girly friends!

 Number 3 – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The first time I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s I didn’t really understand what it was about. I was around 12. I watched it again in my late teens and was blown away. Never before had I seen such a glamorous character as Holly Golightly. I was enchanted by Audrey Hepburn. On my first trip to New York (as mentioned above), going to Tiffany’s was on the top of my list of things to see and do. Truman Capote really did triumph with the novel and the score wholly deserved the two oscar’s it received. Moon River especially , the most romantic and beautiful of all film songs. I blame Holly / Audrey for me starting smoking (she made smoking with her holder so elegant!), thank god I didn’t pursue a career like hers!

Number 2 – Wizard of Oz

There is only one word for this film and is AMAZING! I m still amazed that this film was made in 1939. Winner of three Oscars, it is no wonder. It was the most expensive film made by MGM at the time and the art department spent a week finding the right yellow for the yellow brick road. Surprisingly, it was a box office failure but that said, it has redeemed itself since and is in the BFI top ten films. The first time I saw The wizard of Oz I was very small and it scared me with the flying monkeys. As an adult I have grown to love this film more and more. Christmas is just not the same without it. The ruby slippers instigated my love of shoes, I am sure, and my first pair of red shoes had a click of the heels. It also has one of my favourite songs, somewhere over the rainbow which gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

and finally…

Number 1 – Disney’s Fantasia

I remember being about 7 years old and my dad bringing home a copy of Fantasia. We sat, watched and cuddled together on the sofa. It is one of my fondest memories of my childhood. I love the music and the animation is incredible for 1940. My favourite part is the dance of the sugar plum fairies, which uses the Tchaikovsky’s nutcracker. I love it so much that our bridesmaid’s walked into our wedding ceremony to this.

Bouche x


4 responses

  1. #10 – one of my all time faves. My favourite line is “take care of you”… my mate and I used to say that to each other all the time.
    #8 Love the film (for loads of reasons), love the island (I’m going to retire there)
    #7 *sigh* just…. *sigh* ❤
    #2 More love but not right "up there" for me.

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