Grande Bouche twitter style!

Anyone who follows me on twitter or knows me in real life knows I rarely keep my opinions to myself. I like to think that I will fight a just cause and take said causes to my heart.
Take for example my fight for equality and how I believe everyone should be treated equal without prejudice. I guess this comes from the prejudice I have seen my step son and father being subjected to.
With this in mind, I felt I had to tweet about comments made by Jonathan Ross to national press about Simon Cowell, and his likeness to someone with Aspergers. If you didn’t see the comments made by Ross, the basic gist was that Simon opens his mouth with no thought for people’s feelings, like someone with aspergers might.
My tweet read…’ I really hope @wossy has been misquoted in the metro regarding simon cowell being like an aspergers sufferer’. Swiftly followed by ‘As a step parent of an aspergers sufferer ‘alleged’ comments made by @wossy don’t help society’s acceptance. We are ALL different @wossy !’
Of course I never thought he would reply and felt better for having a rant.
How wrong was I?! He did reply! ‘@JoJo_Nash Hi. I really wasnot making a joke about aspergers. It was an observation. Nothing negative said or implied.’
Well, maybe he isn’t being derogatory towards aspergers and maybe bouche got carried away! Eeeeek, I started to skirm. I wondered how I would creep out of this and thought, buggar this I’ll explain why I am ranting!
‘@wossy I am no cowell fan and he has a sharp tongue. Most aspergers press is negative and hence my rant.’ He soon replied with ‘I didn’t mean it that way at all. One of my best friends has aspergers and is a great person and VERY successful.’
This was a surprise as I did think why would you use a friend’s condition to make a point which, probably didn’t really need to be made. I think it’s safe to say, that the nation are fully aware of cowell and his’ speak first think later’ persona. I apologised to Mr Ross for possibly ruining his breakfast and thanked him for his positive comment. He finished our tweet chat by saying ‘@wossy: @JoJo_Nash Not at all. I understand it must be horrid to have to deal with peoples often ill informed opinions. Have a good one!’
I was pleased that his comments on cowell weren’t intended to offend!
It did make me think though. Jonathan Ross has 869325 followers! Our conversation was also being retweeted by others tweeps. How many people are reading this? I wondered. Of those reading, would anyone google aspergers? Would I have unknowingly spread awareness?
I am liking to think I may have! Ha ha so on that note I am going to continue to do my good work and gob off at every opportunity!
Bouche x x x

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