Successful Start?

So, I am three weeks into the Propoints plan with weight watchers and I guess it has been a success. I have lost 6 pounds so far, with last week being a triumph with a three and a half pound loss. My 1 pounder this week is a little disappointing but I am blaming some rogue cheese and crackers at a friend’s house sunday afternoon! I can’t resist a cheese board and I hadn’t seen my lovely friend since christmas as she has been down under.

However, I am very close to the first half a stone and closer to the three and a half that i need to lose. These 6 pounds have made a huge difference already. I have already noticed a reduction in my food baby (otherwise known as my tummy) and my digestive system has welcomed the introduction of potassium rich fruit (e.g bananas) and the reduction of fat, sugar, red meat and wine.

I am just finding these Propoints very confusing and don’t even get me started on the ‘wheel’ to calculate your propoints! I was an expert on the old points system after getting to goal 8 years ago, so the change is hard to get used to! I am having to rely heavily on the weight watchers website to get me through and I am not impressed in the huge increase in points that a 175ml glass of wine has! I mean I don’t even call 175ml a glass, 250ml is a proper glass! Pah! At least one square of Galaxy is still 2 points!

So I had hoped I had lost 10 pounds by the first week of February. Fingers crossed I will succeed. I just need to keep reminding myself that the hunger pains will pass and that I don’t really need to eat another snack a jack cos they are just air! I will feel amazing if i can wear a size 12 bikini for my holiday in September and it will feel even more amazing to wear my size 10 Karen Millen black satin dress to a christmas party this year!

Wish me luck!


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