Sin Bin Celebs

I am following suit with other blogs I have been following of late and posting my top 5 celebs I love to hate! There are many more but I could be writing this all night if I list them all!

So here goes

Number 5 – This award goes to Kylie Minogue. Sorry Kylie, my dislike for you is not all your own doing. I just can’t tolerate the media’s ‘ah poor Kylie’ attitude re your unsuccessful relationships in the past and your fight against breast cancer. She was not the only person in the world to have battled it and it might have been nice to see her do more for breast cancer charities rather than use her wealth to make herself look like a cat! I mean if I had beaten cancer I would be proud and grateful and not hide behind her many cosmetic procedures to her face! Sorry controversial I know!

Number 4 – This one goes to Chris Martin from Coldplay. Ah that man riles me beyond believe. What gives him the right to tell us ordinary folk to reduce our carbon footprint and how to live our lives. Your worldwide tours with your transatlantic flights and tour buses surely aren’t helping. Plus, he called his child Apple. What a twat!

Number 3 – This is a new entry. Cat Deeley. God if I hear that woman say swish one more f**king time I am going to hunt her down and stick a bottle of pantene straight up her a**e!

Number 2 – Sting and Trudi Styler. Part of this rant continues on from Chris Martin and his self riotous twoddle! Trudi and Sting are so magnificent they have no carbon footprint and are saving lives all round the world! This doesn’t annoy me half as much as their smugness at being about to bonk each other for 12 hours straight! Blah. If you have that much time on your hands go build an orphanage or something. Perverts!

Number 1 – Mad onna! Yes you are 50 something and can fit in a leotard! Whoop de f**king do. You look like a tranny! No wonder Guy Richie dumped your veiny pumped up a**e when you spent so much time in the gym. Take some advise from Trudi and start using your epileptic pelvis in the bedroom love!

and breathe….

Bouche x

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