What has equality done for us?

I am jumping in on the equality bandwagon after today’s sacking of sky sport’s Andy Gray.
Whilst I don’t condone his comments made about a female linesman and sexual innuendo that he used on a female colleague. I do wonder what the equality argument is doing to society and the double standards we now seem to experience in everyday life.
I work in quite a male dominated industry where in the past sexism has been rife. I myself have often been involved in office banter but I always give as good as I get. I knew when I joined this industry that females were the minority and I still decided to make a career in my chosen field. I don’t think being a woman has held me back and I guess I have often seen myself as one of the boys! I wonder if the female official in question was as distraught and upset at the comments and whether she would have encouraged his sacking? I read that she graciously accepted the apology and I am sure she would have been happy to forget about the matter. Now the media have run away with it, Sian Massey is unable to officiate a game this evening after being withdrawn.
Don’t get me wrong their comments were not acceptable but they were not on air, unlike say the Loose Women who regularly batter and belittle the male population. What makes it acceptable for these women to say what they like about men on air but not for Andy Gray to say something off air?
There are plenty of others… Kirsty Allsopp regularly makes Phil look a little silly on location and don’t even get me started on the way Katie Price speaks about men on her shows. Then you have the new tool academy on E4!
I just think men will be men and testosterone fuelled conversations where they feel they have to outdo each other are common place in pubs up and down the country, whilst public battering and belittling of the male population is perfectly acceptable! Let’s have one rule for everyone!
Bouche x

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