Great Expectations

I was catching up with my weekly dose of Stylist magazine this evening and I read an article about women just wanting security and in the opening paragraph where the two women are talking about what they wanted 2011 to bring, one of the women said’I want to get married to someone rich enough to let me go part-time at work’

This got me thinking about what I want this year to bring and what I know this year will bring…

I have three friends having babies (so far) this year. Two in April, one blue and one surprise and one pink one in July.

I have one wedding of a friend’s sister in October which also includes the obligatory hen weekend in Bournemouth in September.

I have my mother in law’s 60th birthday this year. Which if nothing else will give my sister in law and I an excuse to have some champagne!

I am off to see Take That with Robbie Williams in June. I am taking my lovely sister in law with me. I have warned her I could throw some panties at the Robster and there could be tears and screaming!

In March my step son is 9! It only seems like yesterday that he was toddling about!

In September we will hopefully be off on our holidays. After saving for two years for our wedding it will be a luxury being able to get away this year (fingers crossed)

I will be 32 in September, this is not something I am looking forward to if  I am honest!

This year I aim to lose two stone of the three stone target. I am on track and hopefully this time next month I would have lost ten pounds (wish me luck!)

This year I am also going to learn to walk in high heels and not waddle like a tranny in them!

I aim to read at least one book a month. Heat, OK and grazia do not count!

and lastly I am  to blog at least three times a week….. hopefully I will be inspired to write something interesting and people will read it!


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