One for the over thirties!

I am sitting in on a saturday night (this is not unusual these days as we have lil man on saturdays!) and am reading status’ on facebook and feeling a little, well old! I am reading about all my younger friends going to house parties or getting ready for a big night out clubbing and there I am wondering if I’ll still be awake for the film on at 10.15! This has made me think about the things I do now, what now define me as a little older than my clubbing friends!

I go to garden centres

This saturday I spent over an hour in B and Q

As a treat I am having a beer with my curry tonight

I like Michael Buble

I made a rice pudding in my slow cooker today

I wear a slip under my dresses so they hang better

I have seperate shoes for the garden

I enjoy a three part drama

I find myself saying to lil man who is 8, what/who is that?

I see adverts on tv for sunday papers and think oooh wet wet wet cd (insert any band from the 80’s / 90’s), I’ll get that paper tomorrow.

When I refer to tv programs or bands of my childhood, to the younger members of my team, they respond with who or what?!

My entire wardrobe is either black or grey!

I wear a primer under my foundation

In the newsagents I long to buy more magazine and have a nosy at position of the fortnight but I walk out with good food magazine

I have knee high socks because they keep my legs warm and I wear them over tights or leggings. Rather than wearing them with mini skirts looking a little slutty!

I don’t know any of the names of the boys from the band The wanted

I take bags for life to the supermarket with me

I remember take that the first time around and I went to the smash hits poll winners party to see mark get the best haircut award

I can’t face looking in miss selfridge for an outfit

and lastly….

I quite fancy the boys from Mcfly and think that could be seen by some as perverted!

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