What happened to manners?

When I was small the words please, thank you and sorry were repeated time and time again to me! I think I was just a lazy tot but eventually I got the hang of being polite and having good manners.
If I ever went to a friend’s home from school or stayed with my grandparents in the holidays it was always said that I was a pleasure to have and what lovely manners I had. Don’t get me wrong I was not privately school educated or even came from upper middle class parents but I was taught that manners would get you a long way in life.
I have always said manners cost you nothing and even in my kent/south London accent, the words please, thank you and sorry are used more than any others!
However, what has made these words disappear from society? It baffles me! It isn’t children or the so called street generation. I often see thx or plz on facebook status’. It’s my generation! On a day to day basis it infuriates me! From the pushing of people on the train, to people asking for their morning latte without a please nor a thank you on receipt. I even thank the barista for my change. When I hold the door open for people in my building I am often left waiting for a thank you that never comes!
Maybe this was a london thing? I have often thought but the people in my area are no better! The people who don’t take their trolleys back to the trolley park in the supermarket or when I let a senior go in front of me in the post office, I had no thanks (and they say it’s the younger generation!) Right through to when I let a fellow driver go on my busy road! It saddens me that people can’t be courteous and this is the downfall of this country!
I am not going to drop my manners, I might not speak proper sometimes but I know I am a courteous young woman and proud!
Be proud too and remember you p’s and q’s
Bouche x x x

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