Love and marriage

My husband and I got married almost 5 months ago now. We were the most unlikely candidates for marriage! I was very anti anything conventional and my husband said from day one that I was not to expect a proposal from him. Maybe we grew up or maybe he realised that maybe after 6 patient years he should really propose. We got engaged on the 31st October 2008 (Ooooh spooky) and got married 20 months later.
We married in a beautful country house where the bride wore white and the groom wore tails! Much to many’s surprise! The biggest surprise of all were the emotions that planning a wedding brought! I couldn’t hear a love song without booing let alone choosing menus! Yes, menus! However, nothing could have prepared me for how I would feel on the day!
I have never felt so happy or so in love. As I walked down the aisle the tears streamed down my face and I didn’t even notice our guests. Just my husband’s once reluctant face and the tear in his eye!
Bouche x x x

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