Running in Heels

I love shoes. It is as simple as that! I love the first time you wear a pair of beautiful shoes. I love purchasing shoes. I love keeping beautiful shoes in their original box wrapped in tissue paper. I love how when you are dressed to the nines and the last thing to put on is the shoes.They make you feel two stone lighter and a whole foot taller. I love it, that no matter what the scales say, my shoes always fit and I love that I have been the same size for 19 years!

However, shoes do not love me! When i started work 13 years ago in the city of London, I loved watching all the city girls tottering in their 4 inch stilettos. It didn’t take much for me to be one of the tottering dolly’s. I wasn’t dressed unless I had a pair of 4 inch heels with pointed toes. I used to walk miles in them everyday. Even when they pinched and blistered my feet I always managed to walk the distance, from the station to the office.

I guess you could say I was like Carrie Bradshaw with my love for shoes! I would often forgo a weekly foodshop for a pair of Karen Millen shoes!

I still love shoes and my husband will vouch for that! I have over 130 pairs of shoes, many in their original boxes wrapped in tissue paper. However, my love of four inchers has come at a price!

I HAVE BUNIONS! I am 31 and I have bunions! I am more often seen these days plodding from the station to the office in UGG boots! However, I still love the way heels make me feel, and under my desk is usually three or 4 pairs of stilettos for me to strut around the office in!

I also cannot resist treating myself to beautiful shoes to go with the perfect outfit on a shopping trip. However, these days I have to make a quick stop to the chemist on the way home for bunion relief pads!

Bouche x x x


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