New Year New Vision

Woo Hoo! After many threats I have finally done it! I am a blogger!! I have a big gob and I have finally decided to share my verbal diarrhea with the world.
Who am I? Well, I am a newly wed who works in the ‘big smoke’ who loves all thinks sparkly and pretty. I believe I am a good wife, a good daughter, a good step mother and a good friend. My greatest loves are Robbie Williams, rubbish tv (honestly if it makes you cringe I love it), Beautiful clothes, shoes and handbags and the people closest to me.
What else is there to say but I am a perfectionist who borders on OCD who has quite a large mouth and always has an opinion on something. Oh and second to the blog my other aim for 2011 is to lose 3 stone! I think I will find the latter far harder than talking about myself (see I told you I had a big gob!)
See you soon
Bouche x x x

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