Argh what are pro points?

In 2003 when my now husband and I started dating I was hot! (Am I allowed to say that?) Well, I was certainly hotter than I am these days! I used to go spinning 3 times a week and I had a cracking chassis which fit quite nicely into a pair of size 10 denim hotpants!
Nearly 8 years on and 3 stone later I am certainly due an MOT! So after much staring in the mirror and looking at where my abs once were, I am going back to weight watchers! The last time I went I was successful but I stopped going and here I am again dreading my initial weigh in.
It also seems those peeps at WW hq have decided that they are going to make it harder for me this time and have introduced a new system!! What the blinking heck are pro points?! They are trying to trip me up you know! I know that 1 square of galaxy used to be 2 points! Why are they doing this to me?!

Wish me luck and I need to remember little pickers, wear bigger knickers (or hotpants I wish!)
Bouche x x x

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